Herrera’s Website Gets a Makeover

We decided in October 2017 that we were going to give our website a reboot. The old site had lots of good content and provided a great cross section of the projects we work on, but it was clunky on mobile devices and didn’t really give a feel for who we are as people. We knew we wanted a “Team” page which gave each employee a platform for expression. We also wanted to share “Our Story” as a company and as a work-family.  We are a tight-knit group of thinkers, doers, nerds, and outdoor enthusiast with way too much DIY in us for our own good.

This DIY spirit is what drove us to embark on this website revision, not by farming the whole thing out to a branding/web developer, but by creating and compiling the content ourselves and bringing in the pros to build a framework around it. Working with Needmore Designs out of Portland we embarked on this 9 month journey or rethinking, re-envisioning, and rebuilding our public face.

The effort took countless volunteer hours from many dedicated staff who managed to squeeze this in between all of their project work. It was fun, frustrating, and self-reflective. Special thanks to Melissa Buttin, our fearless Marketing Manager who lead the charge on some of the most challenging aspects of the project, Ondrej Sklenar, who brought the Google Analytics smarts and a great eye for organization and design, Kate Forester and Rayna Gleason, for the artistic vision, Carol Slaughterbeck, for everything from writing content to writing the checks, and everyone else from the branch offices to our Practice Area leads, it really was a group effort.

We are lucky to be in this industry working towards harmony between the natural and the man-made; we see, build, and characterize amazing things out there in the world and we wanted a better platform to share that.  Hope you like it. https://www.herrerainc.com/ 

– Dylan Ahearn