Herrera to Develop Curlew Lake Cyanobacteria Management Plan

Herrera looks forward to working alongside the Ferry Conservation District (FCD) to prepare a Lake Cyanobacteria Management Plan (CMP) for Curlew Lake in Ferry County, Washington. This plan aims to identify short and long-term solutions to improve lake water quality while addressing community needs.

Throughout 2023, Herrera’s team will coordinate with FCD to conduct water quality monitoring in the lake that will inform the development of the CMP. The CMP will act as a guideline and tool for allocating resources to implement management activities for reducing toxic algae blooms. In addition to identifying management strategies, the CMP will include a stakeholder involvement plan to educate and gather feedback from the community, and a funding plan to specify how funds for implementing the management strategies could be generated.

Our team is eager to contribute our knowledge in lake management to develop effective strategies to ensure the environmental resilience of Curlew Lake. Please contact Tim Clark for more information on this project.