Herrera Teams up with Mithun for Sea2City Design Challenge

Herrera is thrilled to be selected as part of the Mithun+One team for the Sea2City Challenge. The Mithun+One team includes professionals working on climate adaptation from across the United States to the Netherlands. Created by the City of Vancouver, BC, this innovative design competition aims to bring together two multidisciplinary teams over 12 months to develop solutions to address sea level rise and coastal flooding in False Creek. The Sea2City Design teams, consisting of Mithun+One and PWL Partnership, will collaborate with the City of Vancouver and project partners to:   

  • Explore coastal adaptation approaches that respond to the social equity, economic, and ecological challenges posed by sea level rise and coastal flooding.  
  • Investigate coastal adaptation approaches for sea level rise beyond one meter. 
  • Expand the City’s toolbox of coastal flood management approaches. 
  • Increase public awareness of climate change and sea level rise.  

Herrera will lead the design for innovative coastal adaptation approaches for False Creek to support ecological revitalization. Outcomes from the Sea2City challenge will further inform the next phase of City of Vancouver’s overarching Coastal Adaptation Plan to be refined by the City, project partners, Indigenous governments, stakeholders, the public, and coastal regulators. More information can be found here.