Herrera Teams Up with Board & Vellum for Compassion Day at Pasado’s Safe Haven

This October, Herrera teamed up with architecture firm Board & Vellum to participate in a Compassion Day at Pasado’s Safe Haven. Compassion days give volunteers the opportunity to improve sanctuary facilities and services while visiting with Pasado’s over 200 rescued animals.

Located near Sultan, Washington, Pasado’s Safe Haven provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to animals who have experienced abuse and neglect. The organization also aims to educate the public on how they can help end animal suffering, while advocating for better laws to protect animals.

Since 2017, Herrera and Board & Vellum continue to collaborate with the Pasado’s Safe Haven team to improve infrastructure, emergency access, structures, and site improvements for their animals, staff, and volunteers. Our team is pleased to continue this work and support Pasado’s mission to end animal cruelty and grow compassion.

Satya Dhital, Emily Folansbee, and Colleen Mitchell Volunteering at Pasado’s Safe Haven