Helping Clients Reach 1200-Z NPDES Stormwater Discharge General Permit Compliance

Herrera continues to help Portland-based industrial clients meet 1200-Z NPDES Stormwater Discharge General Permit benchmarks, improving site conditions for better results.

Our team of experts also work with new facilities to apply for permit coverage with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), getting stormwater monitoring programs up and running.

We work closely with our clients to update Stormwater Pollution Control Plans, conduct stormwater sampling, and improve onsite best management practices to better meet the permit benchmarks. Herrera also takes care of recordkeeping and quarterly reporting to DEQ and can help clients prepare a Tier 1 or 2 Corrective Action Response if needed.

Looking for help with your 1200-Z permit? Contact George Iftner, LG for a consult at: [email protected], 206.787.8210.