ASRS Conference 2024

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“Being able to present our work at this conference is a great opportunity to highlight how the science and planning drives the implementation and construction of these large-scale reclamation projects.” - Cameron Sloan

The American Society of Reclamation Sciences (ASRS) recently held its 41st annual meeting in Knoxville, TN. The conference is an opportunity to share science and research-related approaches to reclamation projects, including best practices during construction. Abandoned mine lands (AML) projects throughout the US were highlighted. Herrera’s Cameron Sloan presented on the geotechnical borehole drilling program that Herrera developed in Wyoming’s Shirley Basin for cover soil resource exploration., in his presentation titled, "Shirley Basin Investigative Geotechnical Drilling Design and Construction".

This extensive borehole drilling program improves our understanding of available soil resources at the Shirley Basin site and helps drive our reclamation approach to the abandoned mine's spoil piles. The presentation highlighted the role of GIS technology in borehole placement planning and how this data is being utilized to determine soil quality and quantities through a 3D subsurface model.

Herrera’s reclamation specialists are currently working on abandoned mine sites throughout Intermountain West, working to advance the effectiveness of large-scale reclamation projects.

Contributor: Cameron Sloan