5 Tips for a Green Halloween

From food waste, costumes, to single-use plastics, the scariest part of Halloween may just be its impact on the environment. As Herrera gears up for spooky season, here are 5 tips to celebrate the holiday in a more sustainable way.

DIY Costumes

Halloween is a major contributor of textile waste produced in the U.S., with 85% of all costumes eventually ending up in landfills. For the most sustainable Halloween costume, check your closet! Reusing old clothes, swapping outfits with a friend, or shopping second hand can reduce the carbon footprint caused by the production of fast fashion retail costumes.

Get the Most out of your Pumpkins

We all love the fall tradition of carving pumpkins! Unfortunately, over 1 billion pumpkins are tossed into American landfills each year, releasing large amounts of methane gas into the environment. To lessen your carbon footprint, consider composting your leftover pumpkins to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reusing parts of your pumpkins in recipes can also help keep waste out of landfills.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Party Supplies and Decor

Did you know a party of 30 people can send more than 100 single-use items to a landfill?  When putting together your Halloween party, switch out disposable tableware with reusable or biodegradable options. Reusing decorations such as banners and table cloths in addition to skipping the balloons can help keep harmful plastics out of our landfills and waters.

Sustainably Sourced Halloween Treats

A single trick or treater can generate one pound of trash, just from candy wrappers alone. To reduce waste, look to hand out candy with minimal packaging or those packaged using recyclable materials. In terms of trick or treat bags, stray away from plastic, and stow candy in a reusable grocery bag, bucket, or even pillowcase!

Be Mindful with Transportation 

Get your treats while lowering your carbon emissions! When trick or treating, opt to walk instead of drive around your neighborhood. For those needing transportation, take advantage of public transit or start a carpool for an ecofriendly alternative.